Angry Birds Transformers Review

Angry Birds Transformers is a run and gun video game. It is the tenth installment in the Angry Birds series of games and a crossover with the Transformers franchise.

Players can use a variety of Power Ups and upgrade them with Energon. These power-ups are obtained by shooting silver roboticized environmental objects to release them.


The latest update to Angry Birds Transformers adds Arcee as a playable character. The pink Autobot warrior is an excellent shot and a fearsome fighter. She’s also a fierce and protective companion.

Arcee is the first female Autobot to appear in Angry Birds Transformers. She’s also the first female character to use a pink skin color or vehicle mode.

Throughout the show, Arcee has shown that she is a strong leader, even in the face of overwhelming odds. She appears to look up to Bumblebee and consider him a sister of sorts.


Airachnid is a triple-changer who can transform into her robot, vehicle and insect modes. She is a very cunning character who can manipulate situations to her advantage.

She is the leader of Eagle Island and has a special ability to drain other Transformers of their energy. She also has a drill mode, which can create holes in the ground for underground storage.

She is a recurring antagonist and one of Arcee’s biggest rivals. She once tried to trick Breakdown into believing she was a Decepticon by showing him her stasis pod.


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The Angry Birds franchise has also expanded to toys and other merchandise. These include telepods, which allow users to “teleport” characters from the games into their devices. They were invented by bMuse and licensed to Hasbro.

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By July 2015, Angry Birds had been downloaded over 3 billion times,[3] making it the biggest freemium mobile game series in history.[4] In addition to the main games, a number of spin-offs and minigames have also been released for the franchise.

A reimagining of the series with characters and worlds from The Angry Birds Movie, this spin-off game also features an ad-free version of the gameplay. Various pig-themed virtual accessories are available, as well as a level shaped like the large Grimlock bird Jenga toy.

The EggSpark has landed on Piggy Island, transforming its dueling residents into Autobirds and Deceptihogs and granting them powers from the Transformers universe. Red and the flock must battle their new enemies as they search for a way to restore normality.


A sassy female eagle, Zeta is a purple-colored avian who is the leader of Eagle Island. She has a high level of intelligence and her motive is to take over Bird Island and Piggy Island to make them her own personal paradise.

Unlike her sister Arcee, she has no battle damage applied to her body and features multiple hardpoints on her arms, hands, and legs to accommodate various weapons and accessories. She can also equip a holo decoy that soaks up damage and stuns an enemy. She can hold two weapons in her hands, and her guns can store underneath her car mode.


Angry Birds Transformers uses the same gameplay as previous games but introduces some new characters and worlds. It also features minigames and a multiplayer mode. The game is free to play but has ads and in-app purchases.

The game features a variety of levels based on different environments, including the beach and the Angry Birds Jenga stage. Its characters include Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Stella in their Dream Blast designs.

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Windblade helped Optimus Prime track down the Decepticon signal on Earth after it went through the Groundbridge. She was upgraded by Optimus and ordered to protect Earth.

She helped fixit lock a Decepticon signal on the Autobot’s scanners and offered to go through the Arctic to find it. She got glimpses of other Transformer colony worlds that broke off from Cybertron.

She tried to break up a fight between Sideswipe and Strongarm, arguing that they were both her friends. She also defended her actions to Bumblebee, including claiming that she was not responsible for the loss of their friends in the Scrapyard.

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