Clash of Clans Facts

Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online game where players can build a village, train troops and compete with other clans. The success of a player depends heavily on the clan that they belong to.

This PEGI 7 rated game has the potential to expose children to harmful content through the in-game chat function. Parents should ensure that their child only plays with known friends and set chat filters to limit exposure to inappropriate language.

Town Hall 12

Supercell has released the biggest update to Clash of Clans in over two years. The massive TH12 upgrade is the first weaponized Town Hall that shoots back at attackers. It also includes Siege Machines and a new Electro Dragon.

These “tanks” will change how players attack and strategize. They can be deployed inside the clan castle to carry and protect troops as they attack. They can be used on enemy Town Halls or to defend against an attacking clan.

The Giga Tesla can be upgraded to level 5. This will add damage and a slow down to attacking troops (even the Grand Warden can’t prevent this). It will also have a huge impact on how players attack lower-level bases. This is in addition to recent balance changes that nerf engineered bases.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars is an online mode that allows players to donate, receive and attack other clans’ War Bases. Each clan can attack each other’s War Bases two times during a battle day; whichever team earns the most stars at the end of the 24-hour period is declared the winner.

The game recommends a target for each attack, but players are free to choose any enemy base they wish, and may also scout enemy bases and request specific troops from their clanmates in the Troop training screen or through Clan Chat. Troops donated to a player’s War Base cannot be used in the regular village, but they can be accessed from the War Map while the battle is ongoing.

If a clan loses a battle, it will earn a penalty on its bonus loot, but not as heavy as if it had lost a fully-destroyed base. Players will also not earn an extra win in their “Wars Won” stat and their war streak will be reset to zero.

Gold Mine

A gold mine is a source of the precious metal gold. Mines extract gold from the earth by drilling, excavating or digging for it. Mining is an industry that destroys wildlife, and the process of mining often involves clearing large tracts of tropical rainforest. It is a major threat to biodiversity and to “frontier forest” (large areas of relatively undisturbed natural habitat).

Children and young people enjoy playing Clash of Clans because they get to design their village, build a powerful army, and attack other players’ villages in clan wars. However, the game is addictive and the use of gems to speed up upgrades can cost real money. It is also a multiplayer game, so children and young people should be aware of what they are sharing online.

Army Camp

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game in which players build a village and train a variety of troops to attack other player villages for loot. It’s the top grossing free-to-play game on the App Store and nets Supercell billions of dollars per year.

Advanced Camp transitions Cadet platoons from squad (9-13 Cadet) level leader development exercises to platoon-level operations in a company construct. This training mirrors deployment to an allied country that requires U.S. support.

If you’re a parent concerned about the potential of inappropriate messaging in clans, you can join a clan that allows only family members to participate. Alternatively, you can create your own private clan so that your child and only their friends are in it. This way, they can chat with only their friends, and no one else will see what they’re saying.

Builder’s Hut

The Builder’s Hut is a building that provides a place for the Builders to work. It is located at the corner of your base and it can be hidden behind walls to prevent attackers from seeing it.

When a build order is assigned, the Builder will ask for the necessary materials and then begin the process of building/upgrading. You can view what materials they are asking for by clicking the Builder icon and visiting the Build Orders tab of the GUI.

When weaponized, the Builder will also assume the role of Battle Builder during a raid and repair nearby buildings that are damaged. The Builder will continue repairing the buildings until they are fully repaired or destroyed. This can be useful if you are trying to lure enemy Spell Towers into a trap or funnel them to your Clan Castle.

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