Gardenscapes – New Features and Innovations for the Match-3 Genre

Gardenscapes is one of the most unique iterations of the Match-3 genre. Players earn stars and hearts by completing levels, and can use power-ups to make the game easier.

In the game, Austin visits his parents who live in a large estate that they cannot maintain. They want to sell their house and move into a smaller home. This prompts him to start restoring the garden.


Adding new features and innovations is essential for growth in any app. To keep players interested, developers need to offer new tools that will make the game fun and interesting. The developers of Gardenscapes have been adding fun features such as a new game mode and improved power-ups to keep their audience engaged.

The match-3 levels in Gardenscapes are challenging, but if you use the right strategy, you can beat them with ease. Each level earns you stars that are used to advance the story and restore Austin’s house and garden. You can also buy boosters and additional moves to help you beat the harder levels.

The gameplay is visually compelling, with animations that are a joy to watch. Fruit chains collapse into each other, flowers fly into the progress bar on the screen, a shovel appears and explodes a cluster of tiles, a rainbow blast is activated, and more. Each action happens in 0.1-second intervals, creating a beautiful pattern of dazzling colors and sounds that are mesmerizing to the player.


Gardenscapes is a popular mobile game that has made its way to desktops. It features unique gameplay and a novel storyline. In addition to beating match-3 puzzles, players must restore different sections of the garden and decorate them. The game also includes a cast of amusing in-game characters, including Austin the butler.

Developed by Playrix, the company behind the popular hidden object games Homescapes and Gardenscapes, Gardenscapes offers a similar story of restoring a dilapidated garden. In the game, a nameless player inherits a garden and a house from their grandfather. Their job is to restore the garden and use the money earned to improve the home.

The game features more than 14000 levels, with new ones added every week. Each level has a different objective, and the player must complete it within a set number of moves. If the player runs out of moves, they can buy extra moves and power-ups to retry the level.


Despite its simple art, the game’s gameplay is one of the most innovative and effective in mobile gaming. The combination of pattern recognition, infinite feedback loops, and tailor-made balance makes match 3 games perfect for the mobile experience. Moreover, the genre has yet to see such a successful innovation since Candy Crush’s release in 2012.

In Homescapes, players help Austin renovate his childhood home by solving match-3 levels and earn stars necessary for tasks. In addition, the player can buy boosters and additional moves to solve puzzle levels.

Players also get to know the story of their character and interact with other characters in the game. Some of these minigames are funny, including a cat stuck in a tree and a camper renovation event. In addition, there are a few references to popular culture that make the game even more entertaining. For example, Austin’s friend Robbie is a fan of Katy Perry and posts about her on social media.


Gardenscapes is a popular game from Playrix Entertainment that offers players the chance to renovate their virtual gardens. It features a variety of decorations, plants, and other items to help players create their ideal landscape. The game’s characters also provide encouragement and advice to help players overcome challenges.

The game’s graphics are colorful and well-designed, and the gameplay is simple enough for even novice gamers to pick up. The game’s developers are constantly adding new content to keep the game fresh and exciting. This includes special events, puzzles, and rewards.

The game is free to play, but players can also purchase in-game items using real money. These purchases can help them beat levels faster and unlock new areas of the garden. In addition, the game’s leaderboard functionality allows players to compete against friends from around the world. The game also encourages players to participate in social media activities that can earn them additional coins. These activities are a great way to increase user engagement and brand awareness.

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