Plants Vs Zombies 3 – Welcome to Zomburbia

The kooky universe of Plants vs Zombies is back with a whole new level of fun. Defend your town (and brainz) from Dr. Zomboss’s latest plot with a whole new arsenal of powerful plants. Become the Commander in Leaf of your plant platoon.

Battle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers and bucketheads in Adventure mode and fend off a continuous wave of fun-dead in Survival mode. Collect 49 powerful perennials including fan favorites like Peashooter and Bonk Choy.

Plants vs Zombies 3 – Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare is a remarkable game. It’s a multiplayer shooter built on PopCap’s casual franchise, a genre that’s become a cesspool of free-to-play microtransactions and yet Garden Warfare manages to thrive without either of those things. That’s because Garden Warfare is bright, beautiful and expertly made.

It features the usual competitive and cooperative game types but the star of the show is Gardens & Graveyards, which takes advantage of the series’ tower defense roots to deliver an addictive 15-a-side mode that will feel familiar to anyone who’s played Battlefield’s Rush or Conquest modes. The zombies are tasked with capturing a number of plants and pushing them back across the map, while every garden they seize will also turn into a graveyard, triggering bonus rounds that can see the undead take on giant bosses such as the disco zombie or Giga Gargantuar.

Like the best competitive shooters, each plant type is balanced well and it’s fun to learn which flowers work best against the zombies in a particular scenario. There’s also a good dose of the series’ famous humor in play. From the overweight engineer zombie with his butt crack to the cactus that spews a death ray sunbeam, Garden Warfare’s sense of humor helps set it apart from other multiplayer third-person shooters.

Plants vs Zombies 3 – Welcome to Zomburbia

Plants vs Zombies 3 – Welcome to Zomburbia is the latest addition to the franchise. The game is the sequel to Plants vs Zombies 2 and features gameplay that blends tower defense with puzzle adventure elements. It’s the wildest PvZ yet, defending Neighborville from a zombie invasion while rebuilding it your way.

Taking place in the strange town of Neighborville, this installment of the popular series pits hungry zombies against mutant plants. The zany storyline is matched by a diverse cast of characters that adds to the charm of this title. Players will join Dave and a group of heroes on a quest to save the citizens from the nefarious Dr. Zomboss, who’s bent on turning the suburb into a zombie paradise.

EA and PopCap Games launched the free-to-play title for Android devices in a soft launch in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, and Philippines as a precursor to its worldwide release later this year. The company will collect feedback during the soft launch to help make adjustments before the full rollout of the game. The game will feature optional in-app purchases as the developer has done with previous entries in the series. The new entry will also feature the classic combat that fans of the franchise have come to know and love.

Plants vs Zombies 3 – Neighborville Needs You

The sequel to the wildly popular Plants vs Zombies franchise sees Dr. Zomboss and his brain-eating horde return to invade Suburbia once again, but this time with plants on the offensive. The hilariously humorous mainstay character Crazy Dave returns to help players fight off a zombie invasion with a wide arsenal of quirky plants.

The gameplay of Plants vs Zombies 3 offers a surprising amount of depth and strategy. The plants can be positioned in different ways to take advantage of their unique abilities, and a variety of boosts and power-ups are available to use. The game also introduces new plants, features, and tools gradually over the course of play to keep things fresh.

Another fun addition to the franchise is the ability to team up with other players to battle in a new PvP mode. The game features a 4v4 elimination-style format where players carefully select their characters before battling in a special map called the Funderdome. The first team to vanquish all enemy players wins the round.

Fans of the series will be happy to learn that EA is allowing players to test out the game early through a soft launch. The company is allowing players in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Philippines access to a near-launch ready build of the game for a limited time while it collects feedback before its full release this year.

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