Shadow Fight 3 Game Review

Shadow Fight 3 is a new entry in the popular mobile fighting game franchise by Nekki. The game features an interesting storyline and some awesome graphics.

The gameplay is similar to previous games in the series, with players controlling a warrior and engaging enemies. The game moves away from the flat dark silhouettes of its predecessors and instead uses smart 3D character animation.

Is Shadow Fight 3 a 3D game?

Shadow Fight 3 is an action fighting game that looks and plays fantastically. Developed by Nekki, the game is the latest installment in their mobile fighting series.

This game moves away from the 2D silhouette art-style of its predecessors and instead, uses lifelike character models to represent the fighters. The game also features a fluid combat gameplay and a decent storyline that’s rare for fighting games made for mobile devices.

Players can choose to fight for the Legion, Heralds or Dynasty at the beginning of the game and will then unlock equipment, weapons, skills and fighting styles. Moreover, the player can use a special gauge to enter into ‘Shadow Form’ during combat. The game also features several weapons and armor that can be upgraded to improve their effectiveness. In addition, the game has a lot of repetitive side missions and events that refresh periodically to keep players engaged. However, the game does not support offline play and requires a constant internet connection to download new stages/chapters.

Is Shadow Fight 3 a good game?

The game focuses on fast-paced, fun combat with plenty of weapons to choose from. Each weapon, armor, helm, and ranged weapon can be upgraded with new abilities and perks that improve your character’s fighting style. You can also activate a Shadow Form to temporarily turn yourself into a shadow and perform powerful shadow abilities in battle.

The campaign offers a good amount of gameplay, and the game’s equipment upgrade system is quick and easy to use. Seasonal events and wacky challenge fights add a nice variety to the experience.

What the game lacks in intricate, colorful character art it more than makes up for with impressive animations and a blend of action and RPG gameplay that’s perfect for touch screens. However, it’s hard to recommend a game that locks some of its content behind a paywall. It’s just not fair to force players to wait or pay for a fun game.

Is Shadow Fight 3 a good app?

Shadow Fight 3 is a good fighting game with a great graphics. The game is developed by Nekki and they have made many other fantastic games like Vector full, Tiny bouncer and banzai surfer.

The game is a big improvement over its 2D silhouette predecessor, with more detailed characters and an immersive environment. The game offers a deep story mode as well as a variety of weapons and armor that can be unlocked through gameplay.

Combat is the app’s strong point, with intuitive four-direction controls and visceral one-button attacks. Players can choose between three different fighting styles and experiment with a wide range of moves and combos.

The game is free to play, but a premium version is available with extra features. A steep progression curve and the use of energy instead of XP for upgrades make the game difficult to progress without spending money. In addition, the game’s ad-driven push is irritating for some users.

Is Shadow Fight 3 a good app for Android?

The third installment of the popular Shadow Fight series is a huge improvement on almost every front, boasting slick and smoothly animated fighting that is as entertaining as it is impressive. The game also features tons of weapons and armor that are available to unlock as you play.

The game is set in a world infested with mystical energy unleashed from the Gates of Shadows by three warring clans. Choose from a knight, ninja, or samurai and explore a massive 3D world full of adventurous components. Customize your gear with a variety of weapons, armor, hats and gloves, and choose perks and special moves suited to your style.

Shadow Fight 3 is a great upgrade from its predecessor, but it could use more story and less repetitive side missions. Its lifelike characters and stunning visuals make it a solid choice for fans of action games, and upgrading equipment isn’t too much of a chore (though it does take a while to earn enough Shadow Energy). Seasonal events add extra perks, equipment, and weapons to unlock as you complete them.

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