Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Review

Explore every nook and cranny of Slugterra in this luminous, high-tech underground world. Befriend and train slugs, level them up to Megamorph, and battle enemies in a puzzle game.

Eli Shane drops down to Slugterra on his 15th birthday to become the next great slugslinger, just like his father Will. But his new gang, including the hypnotic slug Pieper, has other plans for this amazing underground world.

How to download

At first glance, Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 looks like a JRPG with a casual action spin. But this game is actually a match-3 puzzle that doesn’t involve fighting or holding a weapon. Join Eli Shane and his slug companion Burpy in this fun, fast-paced adventure.

Explore 99 caves filled with enemies, prizes, and unique stories. Level up your slugs, and evolve them into epic megamorphs. Harness their mystical powers to defeat the enemy and complete the story.

Slug It Out 2 is a free-to-play match-3 RPG. Millions of players around the world enjoy this fascinating puzzle game with a sci-fi setting. Its addictive gameplay is easy to pick up and play. Download this game and start exploring Slugterra.


Slug It Out 2 is the sequel to the hit sci-fi comedy adventure set in a luminous underground world full of weird and wonderful slugs. It offers a fun, addictive match-3 gameplay that fans of the previous installment will enjoy. It features different modes, new slugs to collect, and improved graphics.

Assemble a team of slugslingers and battle bandits, raiders, and ghouls in Slugterra’s countless caverns. Discover mysterious slugs and their amazing powers as you travel from one cave to the next. Complete daily quests to earn awesome rewards and items. Raise and evolve slugs, including the legendary Elemental slugs that can combine to form Megamorphs! Enjoy dozens of fun, challenging puzzles based on the popular animated TV series. Explore a variety of mystical worlds from the Story Mode Caverns to the Slug Hideout. The game also features multiplayer and Duel modes. Slug It Out 2 is available to download on Windows PC. It has a great rating point in the Playstore and many users have given positive reviews.


The luminous, high-tech world of Slugterra is a cavern-full of strange creatures and slugs that you can raise, collect, and fight as you battle slug lords in different tunnels. You can complete puzzles, annihilate slingers in intense duels, and even unlock powerful Elemental Slugs that know amazing new moves when leveled up.

The game combines the gameplay of a matching puzzle game with creature collection and competitive play. You can choose from four different class-based characters, including Eli Shane the ‘All-Rounder’ with his fire and electrical slugs; Trixie, the ‘Tactician’, who can slow down opponents with acidic slime and smoke; Pronto, whose jetpack allows him to move quickly; and Kord Zane, the Cave Troll, who can hammer enemies with Rammstone and Sticky Grenuke slugs.

Eli qualified for the tournament by defeating a powerful slugslinger in a duel. He used a slug corrupted by Dr. Thaddeus Blakk. He won the tournament, and was rewarded with a new slug for his efforts.

Final Words

Whether you’re an existing fan or looking for a new puzzle and combat game, Slug It Out 2 is the answer. It’s easy to play, with intuitive swipe-to-puzzle gameplay and turn-based combat that’s more fun than ever. Plus, it’s got a ton of content to keep players hooked.

Eli Shane (voiced by Sam Vincent) takes over the role of guardian of Slugterra when his father Will is presumed lost. He discovers that the Gateway Cavern has been overrun with slugs, led by Tad’s hypnotic slug Pieper, who’s gone megamorph and is more powerful than Dr. Blakk’s evil ghouls. The Shane gang also includes Trixie Sting, a female vlogger who wants to make a documentary on Slugterra, Kord Zane, a cave troll who fixes the team’s Mecha beasts, and Pronto Geronimole, a proud molenoid tracker.

Embark on an epic adventure through Slugterra’s high-tech underground world and explore its 99 caverns. Recruit and train your slugs, unlock their fusion powers and befriend the mystical ancestors of all slugs.

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