Lords Mobile User Acquisition and Monetization Strategies

Lords Mobile is one of the top-grossing strategy games on Android and iOS. Its popularity has given rise to a massive community, which IGG has gone to great lengths to nurture and give back to.

The game rewards players regularly with log-in gifts, daily rewards, mystery boxes and the VIP system. It also motivates social interaction by giving players a big chunk of resources for talking to their guildmates.

How many people still play Lords Mobile?

If you are looking for a mobile game that’s easy to play but hard to master, look no further than Lords Mobile. This free-to-play strategy game is one of the top grossing apps in the App Store and Google Play, making it a must-have for any mobile gamer. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Lords Mobile user acquisition and monetization strategies to see how it’s possible that this game has been topping the charts for so long.

In order to attract players, IGG uses a combination of organic and paid user acquisition strategies. When it comes to paid UA, the game’s advertising creatives are all video ads that showcase important gameplay features of the game. These videos are accompanied by a description that lists and explains those features. This is a smart way to ensure that players understand what they’re getting into before downloading the app. It also helps to avoid discrepancies between what the game advertises and what the actual gameplay experience is like.

What are the main features of Lords Mobile?

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game with 3D graphics and animated battles. Players build and upgrade military bases, train their army and recruit powerful heroes. They can also go on raids to conquer enemy kingdoms and win big rewards.

Like any other mobile game, Lords Mobile requires a lot of resources to grow and progress. Food, wood and ore are the main resources used to build and upgrade structures and research new technologies. Players can gather these resources from specific buildings or capture them from resource nodes on the world map.

Another key feature of Lords Mobile is the ability to customize the on-screen avatar. The game even encourages this by rewarding players with hard currency (gems) whenever they change their ID name.

Players can interact with other players by joining guilds and participating in guild events such as Guild Wars or Wonder Wars. They can also play Hero Battles, where they can send their heroes into role-playing-style combat against bosses with a wide variety of skills and equipment.

What are the main objectives of Lords Mobile?

The main objective in Lords Mobile is to build up your city and become a powerful player. This is possible by constructing the right structures, researching and upgrading them and preparing your army to conquer your adversaries’ kingdoms.

Unlike other city-building games, production buildings in Lords Mobile also store the resources they produce. As such, it’s important to always keep them active by constructing new ones or upgrading the existing ones to increase their storage capacity.

One of the most important things that players should do in Lords Mobile is to join a guild as early as they can. This will allow them to interact with other players in the game and help them achieve their goals faster.

Another important thing that players should do in Lords Mobile is level up their heroes as quickly as possible. This can be done by completing Hero Adventures in both normal and elite difficulties. In addition, players should try to prioritize research upgrades that improve their hero’s strength, attack power, and resource production capabilities.

What are the main advantages of Lords Mobile?

Lords Mobile is a real strategy game that allows players to create their own kingdom, customize army troops and hero formations, and make powerful alliances to annihilate millions of other enemies. Its graphics are surprisingly good for a mobile game, and the gameplay is very engaging.

However, the game is very P2P, and there are a lot of high-paying players who can easily crush new players. It’s a lot like the high school playground, where the bullies are those who spend the most money.

Players can unlock more benefits by upgrading their Membership tier. Each tier requires a certain amount of Growth, which can be obtained through in-app purchases or official special events. Once a player reaches the required tier, their Membership will be upgraded and they will be entitled to the benefits of that tier for 365 days. This means that players can continue accumulating Growth for a long time without losing it to other players.

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