Royal Match Review

Royal Match takes a new spin on the classic match-3 formula and features captivating gameplay and beautiful graphics. In addition to its core experience, the game offers players many ways to keep engaged through daily rewards, events, and unlocking new areas in King Robert’s palace.

The game’s design also incorporates foreshadowing of upcoming areas, providing a light content treadmill. This helps keep players invested over the long haul.


Royal Match is an entertaining puzzle game that combines castle-building and puzzle-solving elements. Its free-to-play model and availability on several platforms make it accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, the game is regularly updated with new levels and challenges.

While this approach works for many casual games, it can lead to churn when players feel they’ve seen everything the game has to offer. To mitigate this problem, Royal Match includes social features that keep the experience fresh. These include friend leaderboards and teams, which encourage players to invite friends and compete against one another.

The game also allows players to earn coins from completing levels and from using power-ups. However, these resources are limited, so players must be careful not to spend too much money on the game. If they run out of coins, they can purchase more with in-game currency. This monetization strategy works well for Royal Match because it gives players a reason to come back frequently.


The graphics in Royal Match are beautiful and detailed, resulting in an immersive experience. The game also offers a variety of gameplay modes to keep players engaged. For example, players can compete against friends and other players around the world on leaderboards or play in a story mode.

The castle-building aspect of Royal Match differentiates it from traditional match-3 puzzle games, adding gratification and a sense of progression. The game’s appealing visuals and gradual progression make it popular among players who enjoy both the challenge of match-3 puzzle games and the creative aspects of renovating virtual spaces. However, the game’s frequent difficulty spikes and potential pay-to-win elements can discourage some players.

The game’s monetization strategy includes influencer marketing, which can be effective in driving user acquisition and retention. Celebrity ads, such as those featuring Simon Cowell, provide a high level of credibility and social proof that can boost brand awareness. In addition, the game’s FTUE feature automatically switches to upgrade screen if there are enough resources.


Royal Match has some interesting mechanics that contribute to its long-term success. Its easy-to-grasp match-3 core gameplay appeals to a wide audience, while its layers of base construction and decoration add depth and complexity. It also features special power-ups that boost gameplay, such as rockets and TNT.

To beat levels, players must complete one or more targets, which are shown in the upper left part of the gameplay screen. These objectives can be completed by matching 3 or more items of the same color or using the game’s power-ups.

The game uses a single currency to monetize players, allowing them to buy a variety of in-game items. This approach simplifies the game’s economy and makes it easier for users to understand what they are purchasing.

Players can use coins to purchase a variety of items, including in-game power-ups and limited-time offers. They can also earn rewards by completing tasks and events, and they can unlock new areas in King Robert’s castle.


In addition to the royalties, game developers must also consider the legal costs of launching a new mobile app. This can include consulting fees, trademark applications and registrations, and copyright legal advice. These fees can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month depending on the complexity and length of the project.

Ultimately, Royal Match is an excellent example of a newcomer finding success with incremental improvements rather than step-change innovation. Its speed and fluidity combine with the palette, level variety and power-ups of Toon Blast to create a strong, promising new game.

The developers have even taken the time to remove loading between levels, as well as the goal swipe, all of which help reduce the total time per game session. They’ve also reworked the 3-tile matches to be more generous and emphasized the value of a larger match, which increases the game’s longevity by making players seek out these opportunities more often.

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