What Happens to Extra Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Every time a new Sticker season starts in Monopoly GO, duplicate stickers get switched out for a chance at higher star-rated rewards. This guide will explain how to maximize your chances of winning free dice rolls, gold stickers, and more.

You can trade duplicate stickers by opening up the Album menu in your Monopoly GO game. However, golden stickers aren’t tradeable.

What happens to the extra stickers you have when the season ends?

When the season ends in Monopoly GO, the stickers you have collected will be swapped out for new ones. This will not affect the amount of dice rolls or cash you have, but it may affect your chances of completing a sticker set before the season ends. However, if you want to keep your extra stickers, there are several ways that you can do so.

One way is to participate in the Facebook Sticker Trading Group that is constantly advertised in the game. This group allows players to add friends and trade duplicate stickers with them. When a friend receives a duplicate sticker from you, they can then send it back to you in exchange for stars. This is a great way to rack up stars very quickly.

Another way is to collect as many stickers as possible by playing the game frequently and participating in the Globe Trotin events. These events are designed to help players earn free dice rolls, cash, and special rewards that can give their characters a status boost. By collecting as many stickers as possible before the season ends, you can maximize your chances of getting a high-level reward.

If you are still not sure what to do with your extra stickers, the best option is to wait for the next season to start. The season resets every week and each week brings a new set of albums to complete. Completing an album before the season resets will unlock a reward instantly and can also give you a chance to earn special rewards like unique player tokens or shield skins.

If you have duplicate stickers at the end of a season, they will be converted into vault rewards in the new season. This can provide some extra cash and even gold stickers. The amount of vault rewards you get depends on the total number of star stickers you have. You can check the number of star stickers you have in your album by tapping the safe icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

What happens to the extra stickers you have when Globe Trotin’s events end?

Monopoly GO players can earn tons of stickers in the game thanks to a variety of different mechanics, including Quick Wins, the Color Wheel, and more. When these events end, though, it can be difficult to determine what will happen to the extra stickers that you earned. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure that you don’t lose these extra stickers.

First, you can swap these stickers with friends in the game’s sticker exchange feature. This is available through the Album menu and can be done up to five times a day. When you trade duplicate stickers, they are automatically converted into stars for you and your friend to spend on new stickers. This can be a great way to maximize the number of stickers that you’re able to obtain each day.

If you don’t want to trade your extra stickers, you can also use them to complete special events in the game. These events can include things like Peg-E drops, treasure digging, and co-op partner events that reward high-level sticker packs. These are a great way to get some of the best rewards in the game and can make it worth spending your extra stickers.

In addition to these events, Monopoly GO also hosts daily bonuses and other time-sensitive promotions. These can include everything from big Partner events to fresh tournaments. These events often give players a lot of free dice rolls, or even unique player tokens and shields.

If you have a lot of extra stickers after the Globe Trotin events end, you can always convert them into a sticker vault. This will give you a few additional stickers of the same rarity as the ones in your album and can be useful for completing an entire Album set.

However, it’s important to note that these vaults only work for the current season. Once the Heartfelt Holidays album resets, your extra stickers will no longer be eligible for this. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start trading or giving away these stickers before the season ends. This will ensure that you have a full Album set for the next season.

What happens to the extra stickers you have when the game resets?

The game resets every time a new seasonal event starts. When this happens, all of the stickers you have in your album and reward vault will be swapped out for a new set of rewards. This can be frustrating if you are close to finishing an album, but it is also an opportunity to start over with a clean slate and build up your collection once again.

Before the game resets, you should try to trade or recycle any duplicate stickers that you have. This will allow you to earn a large amount of cash and dice rolls, which are very valuable in the game. You should also make sure to complete any color sets you have in your album and check out the community chest, as these can be very rewarding.

Whenever you are done trading, you should check your in-game mailbox to see if any of the duplicates that you sent out have been received. You can also see if any of your friends have sent you any duplicates by visiting the Friends menu and selecting ‘Send to a friend’. You will then be able to select which sticker you want to send to your friend and the game will automatically offer your duplicates to them.

If you have any duplicates left over after the game resets, then you can always swap them with other players. The game allows you to trade up to five times a day, so you should be able to find someone who wants the duplicates that you have. You should also make sure to check your network connection before attempting any trades, as this can sometimes interfere with your ability to play the game.

The game will reset again on March 28, 2024. Once it does, all of the duplicate Stickers that were turned into Stars will expire and be replaced with a new set of rewards. This will include free Dice Rolls, Cash, and special in-game rewards such as Tokens and Shield skins. Completing an album before a season reset is a big goal that many players work toward, so this change is bound to upset some people.

What happens to the extra stickers you have when you complete an album?

If you’re a longtime player of Monopoly GO, you might have dozens or even hundreds of duplicate stickers in your collection. You can trade these extra stickers with friends or exchange them for Stars. Stars are used to unlock safes full of rewards in the Stickers for Rewards seasonal event. However, what happens to the extra stickers when the season ends?

Each season in Monopoly GO offers players a chance to complete collections of stickers and the entire album within that timeframe. This is a great way to earn loads of dice rolls, cash, and in-game currency. Some of these collections also contain gold stickers which are rare but offer an even higher reward value.

Once the season ends, all unused stickers will disappear and the next set of albums will be introduced. The odds of completing each album are slightly different but the overall goal is the same. There are many ways to earn extra stickers in Monopoly GO including completing Quick Wins and progressing through various Milestone Events. Additionally, sharing spare stickers with friends can be a great way to increase your chances of finishing an album.

Whenever you want to swap your extra stickers for Stars, simply access the Sticker Packs menu in the Albums section of the main menu. The odds of these packs vary with each season but the current Heartfelt Holidays season guarantees that every orange sticker will have two stars, every red sticker will have three, and all blue and purple stickers will have four stars. Some special packs guarantee five-star stickers on the

Monopoly GO Galaxy Pack.

To swap a sticker, simply select the one that you have an excess of in your album and tap on the “Send to Friend” button. Then select the friend that you would like to receive it and wait for them to accept the trade. Once they do, a new window will appear with the proposed duplicate sticker and a button that says “Make an exchange!”.

If they are a friend that you have a good relationship with, this process can happen very quickly and efficiently. However, if you’re trading with a player that you don’t have much of a connection to, this can be more difficult.

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