What’s the Next Album in Monopoly GO?

A new update brings a host of fresh content to Monopoly GO. This includes a winter-themed sticker album, holiday-themed minigames, and a unique tournament featuring 90s toys.

Moreover, Coop Events are set to return with exciting twists. The Baking Event will be rebooted as “Coco Partners” to deliver delectable rewards, while the Car Show will transform into “Spooky Car Partners” to align with Halloween for spine-tingling automotive fun.

Heartfelt Holidays

Earlier this month, Monopoly GO launched its holiday-themed Heartfelt Holidays album. This was the first of its seasonal albums to kick off, and, likely, this one won’t be the last. Monopoly GO players can look forward to another new season to start right after the current Heartfelt Holidays album ends. That season is called Monopoly Origins, and it’s expected to feature 21 sets of stickers with nine slots each. Each set of stickers earns different rewards, ranging from in-game dice to unique player tokens and fresh shields.

Stickers are the most important collectibles in Monopoly GO, and they come in various colors (so-called Star ratings) and levels of rarity. You’ll find them in Sticker Packs, and you can fill up your Album by collecting all of the stickers within a set. The more stickers you collect, the higher the reward tier you’ll get. The game also features daily events, tournaments, and free dice rolls to help you progress.

The latest Heartfelt Holidays album runs for 34 days, and it’s packed with 108 stickers spread over 12 normal sets and three prestige sets. Completing these sets yields rewards ranging from 10,000 dice to in-game currency and the coveted Santa’s Express Token. There are also special Gold stickers that are only available as part of the event.

Wildlife Tales

Scopely has released a new update for Monopoly Go that brings some holiday content to the game. The Winter update adds a Moonlight Treasure minigame and Holiday sticker album, as well as new seasonal tournaments. It also includes a Co-Op event that lets players build 90s toys together. This update comes ahead of National Play Monopoly Day, which is happening today.

The Heartfelt Holidays event will end on December 4th, and all rewards, prizes, milestones, and other rewards won’t carry over to the 2024 release of Epic Myths. The new album is based on myths and legends from all over the world, and it’ll feature 189 stickers grouped into 21 sets. Each set will have one golden sticker, and there are three additional bonus golds to collect in addition to the regular ones.

To complete an Album, players must collect all of the stickers in that album’s themed sets. Players can obtain stickers by completing Quick Wins, advancing through Milestone Events, winning a top three rank in a Tournament, spinning the Color Set Wheel, receiving them as gifts from friends, or purchasing Sticker Packs. Stickers are important items in Monopoly GO, and they’re used to fill up Album sets which unlock special rewards, such as lots of dice rolls, cash, and unique player tokens.

This is a dark, twisted anthology that focuses on the worst of human nature. It begins on a shockingly savage note and reaches an equally startling wind-up, but between its shocker opening and wind-down, it displays a scabrous, often unsettlingly funny look at social Darwinism in the wild. Its humor is pitch black and biting, and it’s shot through with a sense of the grotesque that feels familiar to fans of Pedro Almodovar and Luis Garcia Berlanga.

Epic Myths

As the Heartfelt Holidays album winds down, Monopoly GO players can look forward to a fresh season that will continue to expand their sticker collection. Seasons typically last a month or two, offering tournaments that run every day or two as well as solo events and a variety of rewards.

Monopoly GO developer Scopely recently stepped up the reward structure for its seasonal updates. Rather than simply adding more stickers to the game’s extensive set, it now provides extra rewards for completing individual albums. Each album comes with a specific theme and contains a series of sets, with each one containing nine unique stickers. Players must collect the entirety of each set to complete an album, which will then offer additional rewards.

Each Monopoly GO season is themed around a different historical period or region, with the first 2024 season focusing on ancient Greece. Epic Myths will follow up on that theme, introducing the legends and myths of Mesoamerican powerhouse civilizations.

The upcoming album also introduces new tokens and shields for the Showroom. In addition, the game’s Sticker Pack designs are getting a refresh with a new Themed Shield feature. Players can earn and acquire these themed shields in several ways, including special events and board progression.

Unlike traditional Monopoly, Monopoly GO uses a free-to-play business model, with players earning zillions of dollars as they establish themselves as property tycoons in the city. The core gameplay centers around rolling dice and navigating a series of property tiles. Advancement not only accrues wealth, but it facilitates property development, allowing players to build traditional houses and hotels alongside unique landmarks specific to each board.

Road to Riches

The holiday season is long gone, but Monopoly GO players will still be able to enjoy plenty of fresh content with the game’s latest update. On January 4, 2024, the Monopoly Origins sticker album will launch in the app, replacing Heartfelt Holidays and offering a whole new set of challenges and rewards. This latest update promises to narrate the story of Monopoly tokens and their rich history, while the album itself features a collection of 26 sets with nine stickers each plus five special prestige sets. If players manage to complete the entire album, they’ll receive 20,000 dice, a gold version of the Free Parking car token, and much more.

This new album also includes a Moonlight Treasure minigame, where players will take on the role of pirates in an attempt to uncover a mysterious treasure chest. The album is available for a limited time and will be replaced by the Winter Plunge tournament later this month.

Other additions to the game include a new event called the Money Boost, which will allow players to earn more rewards every time they land on property tiles or roll doubles. The event will be active for a limited time and can be activated from the Daily Events tab in the game.

The game’s recurring Partner Events will also get some exciting twists. The Baking Event will become Choco Partners, aligning with Halloween for some tasty rewards, and the Car Show will transform into Spookiest Car Partners for a thrilling automotive experience.

Monopoly Origins

Rather than changing the game’s gameplay, the Monopoly Origins album adds new content in the form of sets and stickers. Players can unlock rewards by collecting them by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles in the game.

While Hasbro, Monopoly’s parent company, has downplayed the role of Lizzie Magie in the creation of Monopoly, it is clear that she was a significant influence on the game. Her story is an interesting one, combining feminist activism, economics, and court cases.

The Monopoly Origins album was released on January 4, 2024, and will run until March 28. Like previous Monopoly GO events, it features 21 Sticker albums with six slots each, with rewards based on star count and quality (Standard to Gold).

The album’s first nine sets will narrate the history of the Monopoly tokens and Mr. Monopoly’s wealth, including a chance to unlock the new Car token. The next five sets will show how the board game evolved, culminating in a chance to earn the Monopoly Millionaire’s Mansion reward.

Like past Monopoly GO solo events, the best way to earn lots of rewards is to increase your dice multiplier when you’re near a Railroad tile. It’s a great strategy to have for both the Monopoly Origins event and the Race to the Top tournament, as both rewards you for landing on those spaces. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that more rewards are added during the upcoming Golden Blitz, as well!

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